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Recipes as Autobiography…
Recipes as Autobiography...

…of the sonic significance of personal recipes and menu plans.

My sounds are at TATE Modern
My sounds are at TATE Modern

…of working on a Sonic Trail for TATE Modern.


…of working with knitting + sounds together again.

FO: KNITSONIK ListeningTunik
FO: KNITSONIK ListeningTunik

…of an ideal sweater for a soundartist.

In the Field
In the Field

…of speaking, thinking and listening in some very fine company.

Harp and Things for Active Crossover
Harp and Things for Active Crossover

I am working on a new piece for a performance next Friday at The Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading. The performance is part of Active Crossover; a project by Simon Whetham. Here is some information on Active Crossover: Active Crossover 2011 ‘Active Crossover’ will be running in four gallery spaces in the year 2011. […]


Here’s what’s on my FUNLIST this week; a mostly-ticked off list, which is full of the sounds I need to record whilst here in Wales, staying with Brenda and Tonia and their adorable animals. The sounds relate to the project Brenda talked about in her last podcast; Jasper in Brenda’s knitting basket; keeping busy and […]

Knitted seas.
Knitted seas.

A long time ago I wrote this post which touched on the idea of connecting places and seasons to specific yarn colourways. I compared some of the fabled WOLLMEISE to the distinctive steely blues and ragged yellow leaves spotted around Weymouth and Portland late that Autumn. Weymouth, October 2007 Much has happened since I coveted […]

Sound:Site – Thanks everyone!
Sound:Site - Thanks everyone!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in Sound:Site. I hope everyone came away with something… with ideas about what it means to record sounds and with ideas about how we can play more in the world. I really loved the whole day, and have huge respect for all the projects and artists who represented their […]

Knitting, Sounds, & Good Weekends continued…

I posted a few months ago about the importance of Good Weekends and so far, that is what today and tomorrow are shaping up to be. Incidentally, the grunting pigs sound which I posted from Mudchute Farm on that post is now up on the UK SoundMap (my new favourite thing!) and The London Sound […]

The Sonic Tuck Shop

The Sonic Tuck Shop is an installation that I finished putting up in Reading on Friday, and it will remain up for about 3 weeks. Last week, the now derelict KIK SPORTS shop was looking like this: …now it looks like this: The window display extends the original idea of The Sonic Tuck Shop installation […]

Sonic updates

There is an rss feed which connects ONLY to the sounds in my posts here, so if you read at work or elsewhere where you can’t turn on speakers, and then can’t find the sounds later, you can always subscribe seperately to the RSS feed for this site’s podpress. I will sort out a permalink […]

Sonic Death Monkey

Several online sound projects have come to my attention and it seems that either my subscribing to sound blogs etc. has reached saturation point, or else every other website I look at has suddenly decided to develop a sonic element to their online presence. I have been planning my ideas for World Listening Day, and […]

Tuesday’s Numbers

I am enjoying thinking about how I can create 8-days of eating joy from my kitchen cupboard and the contents of my fridge. I think that for tomorrow’s evening meal I am going to make a lasagne using up some old sheets of lasagne, some lentils cooked with 10 calorie tomato soup sachets, and a […]

Monday’s Numbers

Monday was a day of little luxuries and large pleasures. This involved a slice of the fruity tea brack I made at the weekend, two hot chocolate options sachets enjoyed from the amazing ‘I am not a paper cup’ beaker of dreams, some marshmallows, lip-salve, and further enjoyment of the woolly comforts that are my […]

::: framework250 compilations ready to ship :::

Framework is one of the longest-running field-recording radio shows that I know of. Patrick McGinley – the creative force behind the Framework radio show and the Murmerings website – is one of the most consistent makers and producers that I’ve met, and the longevity and sustained quality of Framework make it my favourite radio show. […]

Cold, cold sounds…

There are some amazing recordings around of ice sheets, which I just read about on the SAM blog. Check them out here and here for a topical listening experience.

Car engines on TV: “Top Gear” sounds + “BADDIE’S” car in Tarantino film

Watching TV tonight, the sound of car engines & their specific tones or aural qualities stuck out for me. On Top Gear, the sounds of a 3 V8 engine bellows was discussed, while in Tarantino’s “Deathproof,” the menacing sound of The Bad Guy’s car-engine became a very important sound in terms of building anticipation & […]

SOUND BANK Advent Calendar
SOUND BANK Advent Calendar

Last year around the end of October I created the stationery for my SOUND BANK project. To do this, I screenprinted SOUND BANK onto 365 glassine envelopes along with space for the date, a title and a record number. Then I created for each envelope a letterpress-printed card on which to record (by means of […]

Swaledale sea socks – a maritime yarn

This is the first sock I have made in which sound was an influence, and I think it may well be my very favourite sock. Last year when I was staying in Sussex, Kate and I took a walk on the beach and I found myself comparing the gorgeously light crunch of the seashells and […]

Productive day

The mics-on light in the BBC Oxford Studio Today has been a productive day. It began with editing my feature and packing up my Art Object for an hour of recording at the BBC Oxford studios. On Sunday at 9 – 10pm, on 95.2fm in Oxford or anywhere online live, you will be able to […]

Recording Sounds

Focussing on The Domestic Soundscape means that I am faced with an endless, ongoing, repetitive, banal, ordinarily ignored and totally undervalued raw material with which to work. We awaken to the domestic soundscape, we fall asleep to the domestic soundscape, we are surrounded at each moment of domestic activity by a set of sounds that […]


A few visitors to Love is Awesome have quizzed me on the reasoning behind the assignment format. I have thought about this quite a lot during the past week and am forming a few ideas about my decisions. I suppose I want to present a lot of ideas in ways that convey both the meanings […]

Brassica Brassica Cabbage (BBC)

I am working on a short, 10-minute piece for OCM’s BBC Oxford broadcasts about Magic Hour and my work with sounds. It is proving harder than I thought to link the ideas – for example – the work I made for FRRS, with my role in the feedback shed. Thankfully, it should all make sense […]

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