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Framework is one of the longest-running field-recording radio shows that I know of. Patrick McGinley – the creative force behind the Framework radio show and the Murmerings website – is one of the most consistent makers and producers that I’ve met, and the longevity and sustained quality of Framework make it my favourite radio show. Framework is an essential meeting ground for field-recordists and a platform for works that would otherwise be homeless in the world of commercial broadcasting. Soundscapes, environmental recordings, phonography, field-recordings and compositions created from found sounds all find their place on Framework and looking back through the playlists on the website is a feast for anyone interested in finding artists who work with sound.

I have really enjoyed producing shows for Framework over the past number of years; Domestica, S H E E P, and a version of the Fantastical Reality Radio Show were all developed for Framework, and the work I did on the Janek Schaefer weekend workshop was broadcast on the recent found-stories episode of the show*.

During September 2009, Framework celebrated its 250th broadcast, and an official release has been compiled in order to commemorate that occasion and raise some funds for the continuation of the project; here’s what Patrick sent me.

the framework250 compilations are now ready to ship!

we are celebrating a landmark. in september framework aired its 250th
edition. to mark the occasion, a collection of artists who have been
important to the program over the years agreed to donate new and
exclusive tracks, which we have published on a pair of double-cdr
compilations, in handmade packaging.

they come in hand-cut, hand-folded, hand-silkscreened opaque origami
sleeves, with inlay cards printed on local 100% recycled estonian-made
paper from the rapina village paper factory, about 20km from me here in
mooste. the sounds are slow-burnt onto the highest quality taiyo yuden
cdrs, and hand-stamped with custom made rubber stamps. they sound and
look great, if i do say so myself. all in all, my novice over-enthusiasm
means these are more effort that i would probably ever be willing to
make for a release again, so snap them up while you can!

images, full tracklists and notes, and more info here:
Murmerings website

these compilations are available only through the framework website, and
you will receive one as a thank-you for your donation of €25 or more (or
any subscription that will result in the same amount). alternatively,
for a minimum donation of €40 euros, we'll send you both!

including exclusive works from: jeph jerman, loren chasse, nuno moita &
matteo uggeri, felicity ford, tarab, murmer, scott sherk, steve roden,
peter cusack, keith berry, toshiya tsunoda, maria balabas, asmus
tietchens, keith de mendonca, seth nehil, martin clarke, maksims
shentelevs, hitoshi kojo, dallas simpson, eric cordier, jonathan
coleclough & ben owen, toy.bizarre, mark schreiber, michael ruesenberg,
jim haynes, thomas tilly /TO, john grzinich, jean-luc guionnet, emmanuel
mieville, jez riley french, giancarlo toniutti, rie nakajima, chris
watson, joel stern & lloyd barrett, richard garet, aaron ximm, michael
northam, simon whetham, and phill niblock

Please circulate this information amongst anyone you know who might want to buy a limited edition, landmark, DIY, Artist-publication made by a group of composers who have been drawn together through a shared love of sound and the amazing context of the Framework Radio Show!

*you can hear a version of the Found Sound Stories workshop over on the Genepool Podcast page. Martin Franklin, (who runs the Digital Media Centre at South Hill Park and who organised the Janek Schaefer weekend workshop) edited together all the materials produced at that workshop, into an informative and rich podcast. Do go and download it if you want to listen to a lot of interesting soundscapes made from old records, found-sounds, field-recordings etc.

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