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Today was mostly spent with my friend Stav. I love hanging out with Stav; we always have adventures and often end up crying with laughter at one thing or another. Today’s amusement was mostly caused by finding ourselves in a pub with many board games and deciding that in the end we would play Junior Scrabble. Confronted by the lack of any points on the tiles, any ledger on which to secretively hoard our tiles from each other and a selection of letters notably deficient in vowels, our board quickly became gridlocked with words like qi, sex, ax, fez etc. and we had no idea who was winning anymore. Anarchy was inevitable. After I insisted that waito ought to be allowed, new, made-up words began to proliferate on the board with alarming speed.

Somehow arse is much better spelled like this:

We also found some other words together in the superb installation currently at Modern Art Oxford. The house made entirely of books really has to be seen; it smells marvellous… of old pages and comfortable reading moments. And one can have much fun reading the titles and extrapolating meanings from their positioning next to one another.

So now my head is full of strange things like the phrase ‘how lost was my weekend’ and the (allegedly – at least according to Stav) Latin spelling of squid.



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